Sunday, October 21, 2007


From time to time, I will feature some of your queries here in hopes that my answers might provide some advice as to where to eat in New York (or San Francisco, or Kansas City).

“Juree, I've loved reading the blog for the past couple of weeks. Keep up the great work! My wife and I are coming into the city next month and we're wondering if you had any suggestions for a restaurant in Manhattan? We were thinking something a little more formal than Tia Pol or The Spotted Pig but in the same area. Thanks for any suggestions and keep up the great work!


Mike, Thanks for the kind words! I have to admit that I am VERY partial to the lower west side of Manhattan, so I could suggest quite a few places. I will warn you however, that I am not a big fan of formal places – I tend to love the small intimate places and I highly recommend the following:

The first one that is on the formal side is a fun art deco old school bar and restaurant called Employees Only. They have absolutely exquisite cocktails and they cure many of their alcohols in-house, like their lavender scented gin. The food is very solid—they are known for simple food like the charcuterie plate or raw oysters. The drinks are the real star here.
510 Hudson Street (near Christopher Street), 212 242-3021

One of my favorite restaurants in this area is a small intimate American eclectic restaurant called The Little Owl. It is a gem of a place—very carefully and elegantly prepared food and a very romantic setting. Just be sure to make reservations as soon as possible.
90 Bedford Street (corner of Bedford and Grove),212-741-4695

Okay, because you mentioned formal I am going to go ahead and suggest a tried and true favorite—The Union Square CafĂ©. It is a classic, elegant New York institution. The food is almost always impeccable. I love their pasta appetizers and their tuna tartare in particular. I also think it would be fun to sit up at the bar if it is just the two of you.
21 E 16th St (between 5th Ave & Union Sq West), 212-243-4020

Have a great trip and let me know where you end up going!


Wendy said...

Hi juree! Happy to have found your site. how about some recommendations for vegetarian food in NYC?

Juree said...

Hi wendy-- thatis a great question-- i will work on some suggestions and get back to you soon!--

Anonymous said...

What a great blog. Thanks for sharing these great NYC finds. I'm can't wait to try Little Owl! Do you know any good Thai restaurants in the city? And I've been looking for an old-fashioned diner where I can get a short stack of strawberry oatmeal pancakes, any good suggestions?

Meredith said...

Hi Juree,
You've been a constant source of never fail restaurant suggestions for me - most recently your pick of Home restaurant in the village was superb! We devoured the salami and cheese appetizer and very nearly ordered a second one. We figured we should give the entrees a fair shot too.
An all around good pick.

So here's my new challenge for you: my boyfriend and I have a one-year anniversary coming up. What's a good romantic place to celebrate a big occasion, but that won't leave us broke for the next year to come?

Meredith said...

this is in response to Wendy's post:
the best vegetarian food I ever had in NYC was at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health's Friday night dinners. It's a vegetarian/organic cooking school and every friday night the student chefs put together a meal that is open to the public. You can check it out and make a reservation by going to:

Juree said...


What a great recommendation. I will definitely try going there later next month-- I might need a meat break after Rome!

And yes, I will accept your challenge of recommending a good anniversary restaurant-- stay tuned!!

NewYorkD.O.C. said...

Guess who!

Anyway, Counter is really good too:

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